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I have been getting twice monthly therapeutic massages from Ms. Herrold for over four years now. Whereas I used to be a frequent chiropractic patient, I have had only one such visit in these four years. I am an active 53 year old who does daily heavy aerobic and weight workouts as a hobby and who is also an active hobby landscaper. Rhoda keeps me going as I continue to push the envelope. I had considered therapeutic massage for several years before I finally tried it. Now, I donít plan to stop.

- Joe Zielinski
My last massage session put me in an incredible state of calm and relaxation. As effective as a trip to the islands Ė but cheaper.
- David Blask
My name is Vivian St. Clair. I would like to tell you about the miraculous healing of Rhoda Herrold's work. I had broken my tail bone at work over 20 years ago. After many different types of therapies such as exercise and trips to the chiropractor I still suffered from severe numbness and pins and needle sensation in my left hand, not to mention the numbness I experienced that radiated from my tailbone down my left hip and leg. This left me with a limp when I would get up from sitting. Rhoda she decided that I was not suffering from Sciatica. After one session with her I no longer have any of the symptoms I mentioned and that is over 3 years ago.

Thank you Rhoda!

Sincerely Yours,
Vivian St. Clair

I had the privilege of hearing about you through a BNI testimonial (which was glowing) and later spent time in your company at a Freedom Builders session.  Your mannerisms are positive and relaxing, which immediately instilled confidence and trust.  Your tone is soft and reassuring and that is what led me to visit you professionally.

All the techniques that you use: the tone, the individual attention to detail, and the ambiance all set the stage for a very relaxing reflexology or massage session with you.  The time you spend in preparation before you even touch your client only adds to the inevitable success of your massage.

appreciated being able to draw on your years of experience as a nurse and all the specialty certifications you have worked to accumulate.

Your technique and practice are truly unique to you.

I felt as if our session together released more than the stress and tension that I had been harboring.  I know there was a cleansing of my spirit and for that I am truly grateful.  I feel much lighter in heart and spirit.  I feel renewed.  Thank you for being the tool which freed me from the state in which I found myself.  I look back on my session with you as a positive, cleansing and holistic experience.

Since that time I referred you to my dearest friend, who came a long distance to have a massage and I have another friend, who will be calling you for an appointment.

I am glad I had the serendipitous fortune of meeting you.
I will continue to spread the word of your wonders.  Thank you again for your professional and courteous mannerisms.

One immensely satisfied client,

- Vivian Isola
I started seeing Miss Rhoda about 6-7 months ago. I have a damaged nerve in my left shoulder and a slew of mussle alments in my neck. Not only does Rhoda provide relief from your body strain, but also to your mind. She is a lovely, calming person and I look forwrad to each and every visit. I travel about 25 miles, one way; once a month, to see Rhoda and I am so glad that I have her(and so is my aching neck!)

- Kim Irons
During a session with Rhoda, my mind and body become totally relaxed.  After the session, I feel mentally and physically energized.  The stress is gone.  I look forward to each of my visits with Rhoda every 2 weeks.

- Lois Lukasik
I Just want to thank you Rhoda for a wonderfully relaxing experience at my last session. You have a rare gift of putting your spiritual self into your treatment which allows your clients to relax to the point that they can reconnect with their spiritual self. It allows you to feel truly a part of the positive energy in the world around you and allows one to feel balanced and grounded. There are so few that have your gift. Thank you for your kindness...
- N. E.

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